Helen Garrison

July 26, 1846

Writing while at sea, on his way to England, here is a taste of his love for Helen.  “The world is wide, and it has many places of attraction, and there are many good people in it; but, to me, there is no place so dear as my own cherished home, no one who has so large a share of my love as yourself, no objects so attractive as our beloved children… Situated as you are, with no mother or sister or friends with you — with five young children, needing continual guidance and watchfulness …I feel that you are signally manifesting the spirit of self-sacrifice in being willing to have me undertake my present mission.  It is not until I go far from you, that I begin to realize how essential is your presence to my happiness, and that I am aware of the measure of my love…”   1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI