Family health

April 20, 1848

“For a month past, our house has been little better than a hospital.  We have all been down with the influenza, and the attack has been of a violent character.  I have been severely affected, with considerable fever and great pressure upon the brain, as well as a hard cough upon the lungs; and also with an erysipelas swelling and eruption in the face, besides being daily tormented with the St. Anthony’s fire in my hands and feet, causing them to itch and swell very much… Dear Helen has had a severe time of it.  Her cold has been exceedingly troublesome, and constantly renewing; and having had so much anxiety of mind in regard to our suffering babe, and been deprived so long of her regular sleep, she is quite worn down…”   1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI