Eight-Hour League of Mass.

March 20, 1866

Garrison writes in support of an effort to reduce the hours of overworked laborers. 
“The same principle which has led me to abhor and oppose the uequalled oppression of black laborers of the South, instinctively leads me to feel an interest in whatever is proposed to be done to improve the condition and abridge the toil of the white laborers of the North — or, rather, of all overtasked working classes, without regard to complexion or race — and more equitably to adjust the relations between capital and labor…. I am firm in the conviction that eight hours a day will better promote bodily health, inspire industry, develop genius, stimulate enterp;rise, augment pecuniary gain, and subserve the cause of morality, than any extesion of time beyond that limit….”  1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI