Impeach Andrew Johnson

April 13, 1866

Writing to Edwin Studwell, he reflects on events after Lincoln’s assassination of the previous year.  “What high hopes were entertained of the patriotism, loyalty, and executive trustworthiness of his successor!  Yet how have these been blasted!  Andrew Johnson might have placed his name high of the roll of the illustrious and world-renowned benefactors of the human race; but by his treacherous and evil course. his usurping and despotic policy in the interest of those who are still rebels in spirit and purpose, perfidy as their soi-disant Moses toward the liberated bondmen of the South, he seems bent on sending his name down to posterity along with those of Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot.  For what is the meaning of the jubilant shouts heard through Rebeldom, and vociferously responded to be the entire body of Northern Copperheads, in view of his liberty-crushing vetoes, but that he is on their side and acting in accordance with their wishes, and therefore false to his oath of office, and recreant to all that is sacred in justice and precious in liberty? Allow me, therefore, to offer you the following cold water sentiment:  The speedy impeachment and removal of Andrew Johnson from the office he dishonors and betrays!  Yours, in the execution of justice…”   1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI