Susan B. Anthony, and Democrats

 Jan. 4, 1868

Garrison writes to Anthony “with the highest regard for the Woman’s Rights movement”,  concerned with her alignment politically.  “It seems you are looking to the Democratic party, and not to the Republican, to give success politically to your movement! I should as soon think of looking to the Great Adversary to espouse the cause of righteousness.  The Democratic party is the ‘anti-nigger’ party, and composed of all  that is vile and brutal in the land, with very little that is decent  and commendable.  Everything that has been done, politically, for the cause of impartial freedom has been done by the Republican party.  And yet your reliance is upon the former rather than upon the latter party!  This is infatuation.   Your old and outspoken friend…”1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI