Anti-Garrison effigy

July 5, 1836

Garrison tells of his effigy erected in Fall River.  “… some unknown but patriotic artist, (rejoicing in his liberty,) with considerable labor, but not much skill, made an effigy of straw, and suspended it upon a post in Main Street, to which was fastened a label containing these condemnatory words — ‘Garrison, the abolitionist;  fit subject for the gallows.’  The man of straw proved better than a town crier to urge all good citizens to attend our meeting in the afternoon.. He brought many to hear and see, who else might have remained at home.  I am much obliged to him, for he enabled me to put up the celestial goddess of Liberty in his stead, in the presence of the people. ”  1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI